I just watched this movie and I really wish it was some how out when I was a  freshman in high school. I feel it would have kicked my butt in gear to be a better friend to our best friend and a better grand daughter to my grandma when they were both going through cancer. It takes it in the patients perspective, which is kinda obvious I suppose, but it makes you realize even more how much they need their family and friends.

So if you have anyone in your lives who has cancer, please watch this movie!

Look at what we got at our church’s thrift shop! Thank goodness to Ben’s mom for telling me about this the other day. For four records and this unit we only spent $34 with taxes and everything works perfectly! :D 2 records for the girls, a Hawaiian record, and of course another Christmas record. We’re super excited and the sound that comes out of this thing is AMAZING!!!!!

I always find treasures when cleaning under the girl’s beds.  I just discovered this gem with a powerful message. :)

I always find treasures when cleaning under the girl’s beds.  I just discovered this gem with a powerful message. :)

Books on my wishlist for this fall/winter.

I have so many and I’m one of those people who never writes things down so I’ve forgotten all of them. HOWEVER thanks to the Today Show and Billy Crystal, I checked out all the books he’s wrote and was quickly reminded that all of his books have been on my wish list and he has a new one out I really would love to read as well. So…. hopefully I can build up my collection of books and get all of his books. It’s only five so hopefully by the end of this year… that would be spectacular!

  • I Already Know I Love You
  • Grandpa’s Little One
  • Seven Hundred Sundays
  • Crystal Back To School Picture Book
  • Still Foolin’ ‘Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, Where The Hell Are My Keys?

I’m really excited about this list! :D I should really finish a couple of books I’ve had for a couple of years and never had time to read first though…

Life has a fun way to make me laugh

I had to have a tooth fixed today because my gums kinda went all crazy and moved north from my tooth exposing my nerve, which really is painful. I didn’t realize I would be shot up with Novocaine and I’m glad my dentist didn’t tell me because I would have had a major panic attack like last time. Also I didn’t realize they had to smooth out the top of my tooth since it was super sharp beings it was suppose to be attached the the gums. Anyways I asked many times if I looked normal when all was said and done. They all said yes. LIARS!

When I got home I started to tear up because I was laughing so hard at my face. I laughed, well actually I tried not to so that made me tear up, at the dentist office because I find everything funny. Lets face it, when a suction tube thing gets stuck to your lip, and a finger goes up your nose (ew), and there are four hands working on your mouth, it’s kinda funny. So I took a few pictures when I got home so Ben could see how messed up my face was and I sent it to our sisters and a few of my close girlfriends. They were to good not to show them. One of my girlfriends doesn’t receive messages so I posted two of the many pictures on my page but gosh they crack me up.

When Ben got home from work I asked if my face was normal and he started to laugh and told me my face was really messed up. If only he was with me. Nothing would have been done because we would have been laughing way to hard.


Every year I’m flooded with memories and emotions to the point I am nauseous all day.

Please don’t forget those lives that we’ve lost and are still loosing.

Reasons why I really need to buckle down and teach the girls 4 differnt languages.

  1. Spanish: This is our second language in this country it seems so I think it would be wise to know it. I do have a disk or two where it gives advice, exercises, games, and scenarios to learn Spanish. My parents gave it to me which I used every day when I was little because I wanted so badly to become a cop.
  2. American Sign Language: I’ve always been interested in it, never learned really any of it, just enough to get by, and at my old job I had at least three families who used it. Plus how rad would it be for the girls to know and use as jobs in concerts… and I just think it would benefit them a lot as they get older.
  3. German: One day we will visit Germany. Also my mom’s foreign exchange student a few years ago, who I consider a sister, is from Germany. It’s actually a pretty interesting language and Liz was really picking up on it a couple of months ago.
  4. Chinese: A little girl in Macy’s class only knows Chinese and she really wants to communicate with her.

I’m pretty sure the other day I found another that would be important to learn. How awesome would it be to be fluent in other languages? Now where to start. I’ve tried before and totally slipped away from the lessons.

Who has tried kombucha?

What are your thoughts?

I tried it today and could only take two sips all afternoon. It’s like my taste buds had an explosion.

What happens when I’m left home alone.

I bypass the rational part of physics that I’m in fact not in shape and am older… I then go right into thinking I’m a ninja and will roll like lighting over to my phone and roll back, like Jackie Chan would.

What really happened, I slowly rolled over to my phone, popped up very dizzy, made myself even slower roll back to the place I was at. Sat up almost falling down from rolling a total of six rolls. Felt pain in my body and realize that was dumb but man in my head I was a super ninja.


I’m sure I’ll be feeling this for a while.

Since I’m in the Christmas spirit, and don’t have apple cider as I’m craving, I’m going to list out all of my wishes for Christmas/my birthday. Mostly will be for the house and then somethings pertaining to music. The only thing I want for myself are some fun pj sets.

Modcloth here I come again! :D Wahahahaha!