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get writing!
Yes ma’am. Man I hate writing any more. It really should be easy I’m just pooped out from all of it and am so tied up with the girls and all their events and being outside now. Sigh. If I apply myself I should be done by next Thursday. Blah…

Todays events

We took Liz and a few friends to the zoo for a field trip today. Rained the entire day so of course they got tired of us walking in the rain but you know what? We saw the entire zoo so BOOM! Macy got to spend the whole day with her cousins and aunt and brought home a bag of crafts. Both girls got cranky with each other and Ben and I are exhausted. But we’re blessed that Liz, even Macy, has such a wonderful group of friends and their entire classes are so sweet and respectful. They all have stolen my heart. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

I have decided to not check up on here for a while so I can focus on getting the few assignments done and last essay written hopefully all done before the end of next week. Cross your fingers for me and send positive vibes I pass with at least a b in these classes so I can get financial aid again next semester. If I don’t I won’t be able to continue school and I just started.

Talk to y’all soon and I hope you all have great fortune and enjoy your days. :)

New art area in the playroom and now an art desk with chalkboard. Woo hoo! :)

I sent our friend this site, who is also on tumblr, and she finally sees why we’re non-GMO and organic. She has started the past week or so going organic. She has been addicted to Mt. Dew for… as long as we remember, since we were kids, but yesterday she started to note when she got her chronic migraines that she’s had well over a decade. It was right after she had her first Mt. Dew which has certain chemicals in it, when she researched those chemicals off of this site I sent her she found out she has every last symptom because of those chemicals used. She now sees why we’ve been so harsh and worried about her drinking that crap and any pop for that matter. I’m so happy that she’s finally opened her eyes and sees the problem. She just posted she’s on 17 pills and she’s only in her early 30s. That really hurts my heart to the point where I want to cry, but I’m also over joyed she’s on the road to recovery. I fully believe food is our medicine. But it has to be REAL food, not this synthetic, chemical formula crap that is shoved down our throats in advertisement. I just wanted to share her story because I’m so proud of her and hopefully it can help someone else out. :)

Thrift shop findings today. Total of eight bucks. :)

Thrift shop findings today. Total of eight bucks. :)

My English instructor sent me this a week or so ago and I just now had time in quietness to read and watch this. I really hope you all will watch it and understand why we feel GMOs are nasty and the reasons we went strictly organic. I must say so far I’ve had amazing instructors that have really supported my beliefs and the one that I have now has actually changed her eating/drinking habits and is also curious about GMOs and organic. My paper better rock since she’s doing ample amounts of research as well. :) I’m so happy for her. :)

You all need to check this site out because it’s an overload of cuteness and reasonably priced. Little messages on napkins for your babes for lunch or what not. I personally think these would be adorable in a playroom, a couple in the bedroom and a few in the kitchen framed in cute little frames and sending positive messages. LOVE THESE! Just saw them on Bethenny and now I’m going crazy from the cuteness. :)

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  • Ben has had a tummy ache since yesterday morning. I have been feeling my endometriosis wave it’s ugly head for the first time in months since yesterday. We didn’t eat organic/non-gmo yesterday. I’m telling you, pesticides, chemicals and gmos are extremely horrible and not okay to eat.
  • This town sucks when wanting to buy music. Okay it sucks in wanting to buy anything when you don’t run with the pack but there are really no options in music other than main stream and country. We’re back online ordering music because we don’t have the time to go out of town. Well I guess we do but we’re doing so much already this week and will be on a schedule with everything. We are looking forward in purchasing Christina Perri’s album Head or Heart, one from Lorde, and then getting an album from  Chvrches who we are obsessed over right now. If you haven’t listened to them you should. :D
  • I need to get that old crib downstairs put together and paint it for the girls as an art desk in their playroom. Yay!
  • I’m so glad holidays are done for a while. :D
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!