Trying to get in a peaceful state of mind, but a dang preview keeps ruining it!

I’ve been needing to ease my soul lately. Don’t get me wrong. Life is great. It’s just every thing going on around us with this world and people deliberating making horrible choices for the millionth time, making petty things into the worse thing that has ever happened, people hating each other, this stupid virus crap that is all over and all the bad ones coming about….

Anyways, I told y’all a while ago about how my friend introduced me to the Nahko and Medicine for the People, well I have felt that I’ve been craving their music to put my mind at ease for a while now. I finally looked up the name of the band and have had them playing for about two hours now. Every time I ease up and get into my good vibe place, this stupid new show that is coming out called Stalker comes on as a preview and all I hear is stupid breathing and it freaks me out. So I listen to a few more songs, get back in my peaceful state of mind, and once again guess what stupid commercial pops up. Gr! I wish they would just place creepy things like that on I don’t know some other channel that isn’t about sending good vibes or funny YouTube channels. It kinda ruins a lot for the viewer.

I’m kinda really excited right now. One of the record stores that we’re going to is ordering another Lorde vinyl, because the one he has a girl keeps calling in… I would love to snatch it though, and they also have a Nirvana vinyl that they’re putting back for me. I’m really hoping we can at least get that one. :D So anyways once the Lorde vinyl gets in hopefully I can have Ben’s sister pick it up for us and bring it back down in a few weeks. Tehehe!

trans-parenting said: Changing routines can be difficult. Convenience and marketing make processed foods appealing. It is definitely a difficult issue.

(Kat I’m not hating or disagreeing I’m just discussing my point of view on this and respect your point because you are correct on that. I feel that everyone deserves to be healthy and have a happy life. It saddens me when people either play victim, refuse to accept facts out of fear, or make excuses because they may feel trapped or have no help. But when it’s involving your kiddos you have to make that effort to be healthy for your babes. I just get really upset when people are unhealthy and it could be such a simple solution as to what goes in the body. That’s just my view. And I know there health issues that can cause problems with weight but with this particular person it was pure laziness and lack of responsibility.)

I concur however, we did it just last year. We agreed to cut out fast foods and processed foods. We were thinking about it and knowing we had to but we had high cholesterol and triglycerides in Ben and I’ve had my own ridiculous health issues the past years. We took those two types of foods out of our diet for two weeks at first before we noticed a huge change. We started to feel alive, clear headed, healthier, and lost a few pounds. On our vacation two weeks after, we stopped at a favorite restaurant and had trouble eating the food due to our taste buds being so sensitive and the salt intake was so much. We actually got sick not only from that one time but when we tried to eat at another restaurant. I still struggled a little with my endometriosis but nothing compared to what it has been over the years. A few months later, it could have been sooner, his counts were back to normal.

Then this past January, I had other symptoms popping up and it was horrifying. Turns out that the cranraisins I was treating myself contained way to much sugar which I researched and found blocks bronchial tubes making it difficult to breath and has other issues with your organs. After finding that out I got rid of all sugary items that we had left in the house. I went to the doctor so many times, had so many tests done and every time things came back normal. Anyways we decided after doing further research what processed foods were and we had already begun learning about gmo foods thanks to our best friend. Knowing what is all in ‘regular’ foods and what is in organic foods we decided to make another family change and go all organic. I now have zero symptoms with my endometriosis unless I eat dairy or processed, and or sugary items. My periods (tmi I know) are lighter than I’ve ever had which is awesome because they would make me so anemic every time.

So if people would just try it for two weeks to four weeks I know they’ll see a significant improvement. However it’s their own choice and they have to educate themselves and feel the desire to make a change. I’m not saying everyone has to be organic because again that’s one’s own choice, however I am saying making small steps like add a fruit in at least one meal for a week and then each week add something healthy and take out one bad would really help. Also one does not have to give up their favorite foods. Just make it at home.

This particular lady doesn’t have a job so convenience shouldn’t even be a factor. You can buy a pizza crust, look at the sodium count for sauce, and get some cheese (not fat free that’s the worse for your body) and some toppings and make it which takes twenty to twenty five minutes total. Make spaghetti, apple crisp, use the crock pot… Again if one is not accustomed to making meals at home start out to make a point to make one meal at home per week for two to four weeks and then add another meal after that. Practice makes perfect right?

Health conversations today

I read an article this morning that has been floating around on facebook about a British woman complaining that the government is responsible for her obesity yet all she buys is junk food and fast food for her and her kids. She refuses to exercise on her own because she wasn’t ‘educated’. Well this makes my blood boil beyond belief. As most of you guys know I am passionate about health, although I could do my body a good deed and exercise better, but I do eat rather healthy. And if we have any health issues we  first try to see what caused it and what foods can help it naturally. I’m not big into drugs and medicine. Only if needed.

Anyways this struck up a conversation this morning not only with a friend who posted the particular article that I finally read but also at the store. This man in front of me was complaining on how much groceries are. I was about to reassure him that I knew for a fact mine were at least double his bill and why health foods are more, because there is a process of actually growing, nurturing, harvesting, and delivering rather than just all at a factory. But the cashier handled herself quite well. When it was my turn to get checked out we had a conversation on diabetes, due to donations this month for juvenile diabetes, and both agreed that the probable cause of the rise is most likely our foods. Just look at the ingredients. Everything has a large salt in take, sugar in take, chemicals, additives, preservatives, substituted vitamins (which is in everything and yes you can over dose with vitamins), and hardly anything has real food products and if it does it’s a lack of or been somehow modified.

This topic will always strike a cord with me not because I think I know better, it’s because I don’t understand why people don’t want to be healthy and are so blind by their taste buds. I promise once you get off of processed foods alone, you will be shocked how much salt was in your previous foods and how you’ll be able to taste literally every single ingredient in what you eat. It’s pretty amazing. Also your body will start to feel better and it’s plausible that you will lose a few pounds just by getting rid of processed and fast foods.

That makes no sense…I would have NEVER got that!!!
It makes perfect sense. You don’t even know. ;) She was working on the letter P and had to figure out what words start with P. Pie and pizza are both round but one is made of lunch items along with veggies and the other made with desert or snack things like fruit. Bam. Perfect. :)

Earthbound Trading Company


Our favorite store is finally online!!! Our pocket books will forever hate us.


Macy’s question while doing homework. She’s working on the letter P.

What’s the opposite of pizza?

In case you were wondering, it’s pie.

lovelylyra said: I have been to arcade fire!! Hands down one of the BEST gigs I’ve ever been too. They are AMAZING live!!

Man they are so on our list of have to see bands! Lorde again is our favorite show that we’ve been to and we’ve been going to a lot it seems. But we feel if anyone could top her it would have to be Katy Perry, only because she is nonstop with telling stories with her songs, Foo Fighters because I mean come one they’re pretty amazing! and Arcade Fire would have to blow us away because it’s Arcade Fire and they radiate amazing talent.

Would it be weird if I took a three hour trip just to go to our favorite grocery store buy a whole bunch of food that is not available here and buy all of our favorite pizza that they would have on hand? Because I’m really contemplating on when to make this drive.

I may or may not gravitate towards pomegranate items. And I would never be apposed to having my house forever smell like pomegranates. They’re all so good!!!! :)

I may or may not gravitate towards pomegranate items. And I would never be apposed to having my house forever smell like pomegranates. They’re all so good!!!! :)