I tried so hard to get the fasfa crap done tonight but I hit two road blocks so I guess I will be on the phone with the tax man tomorrow. Luckily he’s really nice and so is his assistant. What a pain in my tuckus.

This and that…

  • Liz won a t-shirt  from a drawing a couple of weeks ago. I got tired of telling the girls about it so today when we finally had the chance I didn’t tell them where we were going. We went to the old hospital building where the office was to pick up the shirt and when given the shirt, Liz’s face went white, eyes super wide, oh my gosh. I wish I had it on camera. I asked if she was okay and kept telling her she won that shirt. Finally after staring down the lady who gave her the shirt she told us very seriously she did NOT want to get shots and she got them for kindergarten so she’s good. After telling her again it’s not a hospital anymore and she won a shirt she finally got color back in her face and was able to breath. lol. However it still took a few minutes for her to process she had won a shirt and then asked if we were going to pick it up… it was in her hands the whole time. I had a great laugh and once she calmed down a bit so did she. Silly girl.
  • We got a ton of things done today including returning my math book. WOO HOO! I am just going to apply for fasfa tonight and if it doesn’t process in time I guess I’ll take classes in the spring.
  • There is a new show called ‘Food Fighters’. Every single time I hear someone on tv say it, or even when I read it, I get overly excited thinking they said, or I read, Foo Fighters. Every time when I finally figure out what they say I come crashing down to disappointment. :/
  • Liz got her MP3 player back. It’s pretty fun listening to both the girls bellow out Christina Perri and Chvrches songs.
  • Macy I swear can ride her bike without training wheels but the second she figures out I’m not holding on she flips out. It’s kinda frustrating. She had it down within five minutes of trying it out yesterday. She also will make sure I won’t let go and ride into the grass or wiggle the bike back and forth to which I finally told her I will let go on purpose and let her fall because under the seat is no picnic for my fingers as they’re being poked the entire time. Plus she needs to learn how to fall and catch herself which the times where she was riding it by herself for a while and finally realizes I’m not there next to her she’ll fall and so far has caught herself really well. Sounds mean but kids have to learn.
  • I’m watching Jeopardy Teen Tournament with some teenagers and this one kid was kicking butt. Another one kept trying to hit his button and even after this first kid was answering he kept pushing it like ‘What the hey?! WORK!’ I was feeling amused by it. Then the second kid finally got his shot and after a few turns he tired to answer, got tongue tied and did the classic ‘BLAH’ sticking out the tongue. I busted out laughing there. And just watching them now press the button it’s like serious business and harsh. Oh my. I’m entertained quite easily.

This is a great read and also the video is really an eye opener. We all know several people who need or choose to have a c-section but with the statistics are really crazy how common these are now.

Has anyone ever been to Buckwheat Organic Market in Estes Park, Colorado?

If so what is it like? What do they all have? Is it like a wholefoods store or is it more quaint?

We were finally home for a whole day with great weather so Macy’s training wheels finally came off. She caught on pretty quickly but I still had to pretend to hold on. She was super calm and quite spoken when practicing especially after I told her that she is not going to quite just because it’s new and scary. She fell two or three times, pouted a  few seconds, and got back on which I was impressed with. I’m just glad I didn’t let her quite. I think if we can continue practicing then she’ll have the turns, which she did pretty good a few times, the starting and stopping the bike, and riding all by herself down by the end of the week.

In other news I am going to force myself to take my last Algebra test tomorrow. I am going to have to study like crazy and review everything we did thus far which I can’t remember anything but as long as I get a C on this test I’ll pass and will never take a Algebra class again. Nine plus months of math nonstop is good enough for me. I’m really excited about this. Then I have to get my butt in gear and apply for Fasfa and as long as I can get grant money again I’ll be able to get some more classes out of the way. I kinda regret a little not taking more classes at a time but I don’t because I feel I literally would have had no time for anything else. I’ve been struggling this summer with just one because we’re never home anymore.


pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


This was the best ‘news’ cast EVER and they got me back into watching the news. It was an extremely sad day when they ended this program. EXTREMELY SAD!

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I posted one of my papers on that health facebook sites that I said a while ago that said it would be okay to post. I’m so nervous because my real name is on it. I was going to delete my real name but I need the credit for it and am not going to be okay with anyone taking my work because that was over seven months of research. I dedicated my entire time to that research and it was really important to me. Like ate, slept, breathed this information up nonstop.

We’re actually really private people and what we do post is only a fraction of what goes on in our lives, even on facebook. So that’s why I feel so frantic right now that my name is out there for people to see. But then again maybe no one will read into it or care, even though my name is the first thing that pops up. Blah I need to clean something.

I’ve been really excited that I’m almost done with math…

Then after working on a problem to do with bacteria for three days, that I know I conquered this problem in biology, I realized I have yet to do chemistry. Bummer.

Then of course a light went off in my head saying ‘You’ll never be done with math and equations for you are going into science and THAT’S ALL THERE IS!’

Sigh… I need to go study again. :/



Quick and simple lifehacks.

These are all BEYOND helpful.

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